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Our Christmas Networking Event was a major success.

We had exhibitors from local companies to the West Midlands;

The following companies had exhibited;

JJ Health and Well-being

Interlink Services


Shaftmore Pub 

One Design Print

Ansar Estates

Pro photography

Eastern Windows



We want to thank all our exhibitors and delegates for attending. This event was to create brand awareness between local companies and increase their business potential. 

It was a fun and eventful night full of entertainment and lovely music that included a raffle gift prize at the end. Due to the increase demand for another event we will be hosting another event every soon. Please keep an eye out,

The catering was done by Sehra Delights; Dairy-free, Eggless and a variety of vegan brownies and biscuits ALL home-made. And a selection of sandwich platters. For more information please email

Please check out our pictures

Donald Trump Wins US Election

Donald Trump has promised that as president he will honour the pledge stitched into his white and red baseball caps: Make America Great Again.

The former television entertainer’s campaign has been a roller coaster of triumphs and pitfalls, but his love for hyperbole has never wavered.

With him in the White House, Mr Trump has said, his supporters are going to "win so big" they will soon be "sick of winning".

When it comes to mapping out the details of a Trump presidency, the Republican candidate has been no less extravagant.

It is customary in American presidential elections that a candidate sets out a vision for their first term in the Oval office.

But ever keen to be “the greatest”, Mr Trump has slashed the timeline of his proposals from 100 days to one.

At an address delivered in historic Gettysburg last month, Mr Trump laid out a “contract with the American people” that would begin with a “very busy first day”.

He proceeded to detail 24-hours designed to erase traces of Barack Obama's presidency and set America on a protectionist, nativist, track.

Like with much of his presidential campaign, Mr Trump appears to be asking the American people to trust him and wait and see.

The Apprentice 2016 - Meet the candidates

The wait for the apprentice is over. After weeks of mystery, the identities of the 18 power-suited wannabe moguls desperate to win an investment of £250,000 from lord sugar has been revealed – and we can just tell they’ll be the sort of level-headed business men and women to calmly achieve success in a respectable manner.

Nah, just kidding – from the sounds of things, these guys and girls are exactly the type of people we can enjoy berating over the next few months for not selling enough cleaning products, miscalculating their fishcake consistency or accidentally insulting an entire country with a shampoo label. We can’t wait.

But before all that, it’s time to meet the candidates. Click on the pictures below to find out about each wannabe apprentice. And don't forget, the show kicks off at 9pm, thursday 6 october on bbc1.

Trishna Thakrar The Apprentice 2016Trishna

Sofiane Khelfa The Apprentice 2016Sofiane

Samuel Boateng The Apprentice 2016

Rebecca Jeffery The Apprentice 2016Rebecca

Paul Sullivan The Apprentice 2016Paul










St. Paul




How Do We Make the Case for Language?

Whether I'm wearing my Lexcelera hat or my Translators without Borders hat, a challenge I often face is to prove that language matters.

For commercial translations, the best piece of information I have is the often repeated finding by the Common Sense Advisory that customers are six times more likely to buy when information is available in their language.

This is helpful information, but one of the reasons it is so widely cited is that it stands almost alone in making the corporate case for investing in translation. Much more research is needed.

On the non-profit side, Translators without Borders has come up with some conclusive research that, not surprisingly, draws a straight line between language and comprehension.

The context of the study is the first half of the Ebola pandemic, when the disease was raging, out of control, through West Africa, At the time, many voices questioned why the vulnerable populations weren't taking the necessary precautions to avoid being infected. For Translators without Borders, this not unexpected given that local language needs were ignored: the instructions that were circulating to rural villagers were overwhelmingly in English!

I believe TWB was partly responsible for turning the tide on the pandemic by helping make Ebola prevention information available in local languages, but that's a story for another day. What I want to say here is that in order to raise awareness among non-profits about the need to communicate to people in their own language, Translators without Borders conducted a study with the kind of results everyone should be talking about.

As Simon Andriesen of Medilingua, CEO and chairman of the Kenya TWB (TWB-K) board, reports in a presentation he will deliver in Guinea this month, the Translators without Borders study compared the comprehension of translated Ebola information with untranslated information.

The results are unequivocal. And, again, not surprising to those of us in the language industry.

When a cohort of 200 West Africans was first questioned about their knowledge of Ebola, they answered just 8% of the questions correctly. After reading an English poster about the disease, they were able to answer 16% of the questions correctly. But - and this is where the results are off the charts - when they read a poster in their own language, the participants answered 92% of the questions correctly!

  • Before reading the warning poster: 8% correct
  • After reading the English warning poster: 16% correct
  • After reading the translated warning poster: 92% correct!

I do not believe that I can overstate the importance of this finding. For all of our sakes, let's hope that the next time the world is facing a global pandemic, this real-life research into the importance of translation will be remembered.

For those of us who also wear corporate hats, I believe we need more studies like this one that prove the benefit of translation. Why not a comparison of international sales (for example of software or mobile phones) with and without local language information? A comparison of app downloads before and after translation?

When customers are asked about their language preferences, that is important information because it shows they prefer to interact in their own languages. But how does that affect buying behaviour concretely? We need actual figures for the boost that translation brings to sales, downloads, visits, and so on.

I feel we are undervalued as an industry. And I fear that we will stay that way until we can offer proof of what we know to be true: #LanguageMatters.

Mortgages rates are at an all time low

Mortgage rates at all-time low- so are our translations rates.

With Britain leaving the EU, and our economy facing some of the biggest changes yet. We’ve made one of the biggest changes since our opening in 2013- just like the rates we are no longer fixed!!

We are providing discounts of 20% on ALL translations. Do not miss this opportunity to get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING translating- oh and there is NO CATCH. It doesn’t matter about the language pair, the timescale you need the translation ready for.


We’ve moved office

We have just moved to one of the most vibrant streets in Birmingham.

Ladypool Road, Birmingham has got everything from the latest Asian fashion trends, to the best Asian foods and desserts around Birmingham. We are open to the public so please come in and say hello!!

We are proud to be in the hub of one of the most multicultural communities in Birmingham.

Sparkbrook is a very vibrant and colourful community consisting of a variety of different cultures - from Pakistani, Indian, Somalian and Chinese to Afro Caribbean and just to mention a few. 

Sparkbrook/Sparkhill park is a venue for local events and a children's play areas, two hard court areas for ball games and grassed areas for both junior football and cricket. 

What can we say- we love diversity, we love culture and we love people!! AND we are now open to the general public. 

Women's Enterprise Hub

This is Birmingham’s second Women’s Enterprise Hub and opened in September 2015. It is run by iSE – a business support organisation with many years’ experience of supporting women to set up and grow their own business. The landlord is Birmingham City Council.

Women & Enterprise’s mission is to help women to change their lives through nurturing the development of women-led businesses. They do this through providing business support and a diverse programme of events especially for women in business.

Business Support:

Whether you are only just beginning to think about setting up a business, or if you are already running one and want to grow, Women & Enterprise are here to help! We can put you in touch with the experts you need to see your business flourish.

Start Up Support:

Are you looking to start a business, or maybe you are in the process of starting a business but really need some guidance and support? Then our Start Up business support programme is exactly what you need! Join Women & Enterprise as we work with you and take you along the journey needed to start a business

Growth Support:

Calling all existing businesses! Are you looking to grow your business, maybe you’re looking at ways to expand or develop and new product? Women & Enterprise can provide you with the right tools, support and guidance to help you do so.

They can help you with:

  • Understanding enterprise
  • Business planning
  • Self-employment
  • Business start up
  • Business development
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Legal matters
  • Premises

Other Businesses Located in Women’s Enterprise

My pure trip

Pure Trip’s vision is simple; to provide travel experiences to our customers in line with their Islamic beliefs and principles. Founded in 2015 by a group of visionary Muslims who have been in the travel industry since the 1984. My Pure Trip Ltd was borne out of the demand they saw for Muslim friendly experiences by their loyal Muslim customer base.

All of My Pure Trip’s packages, hotels and resorts are tailored around the needs of their Muslim clientele. My Pure Trip offer Islamic heritage tours to Spain, Turkey and Jerusalem. We can provide hotels and resorts that have segregated beaches, pools and spas. They also ensure that the hotel’s they contract provide for their clients Halal meals in their restaurants in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA even South America to name but a few. My Pure Trip are constantly striving to build relationships with new destinations across the world that can provide these services.

So if you always wanted to visit a certain country but don’t fancy eating seafood throughout your trip, then contact My Pure Trip to make your dream destination a reality!

Amirah foundation

Amirah Foundation is a registered charity with charities commission since 2012. They work with homeless and vulnerable women to break the cycle of abuse, violence andisolation. The services they offer include:

  • Safe and secure housing
  • Counselling
  • Life skills
  • Access to employment
  • Enterprise
  • Advise, Guidance and Advocacy

Domestic Abuse affects 1 in 4 women nationally. On a daily basis more than 230 women areturned away from refuges and shelters. This is due to funding cuts. Many refuges will onlytake on women who have access to benefits as they are able to fund the housing supportthrough housing benefit.

Where women do not have access to benefits and public funds there is no support availableto them. This is where we step in to help.