PLSP are specialist in providing a quality service across the U.K. We are one of the largest organisations providing the best services in Face to Face Interpreting, Telephone Interpreting, Document Translations, Proof Reading, Desk Top Publishing, British Sign Language and Voice over Recording. 

PLSP provide all services offered in all different fields such as Medical, Technical, Legal and Media.

Our Interpreters and Translators are fully qualified. Most of them hold DPSI Qualifications and are Members of the Charted Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

  • Interpreting Services

    Interpreting is a crucial part of our day to day lives now more than ever, due to international trade and the rise of our diverse communities in England. The diverse world we live in now, opens the doors for us to learn about the different cultures in the world, as well as first hand understanding of those cultures. However due to the language barriers our communication with other people becomes complex. Premium Language Services Provider Ltd can help you - with our following services.

  • Face to Face

    Face to Face Interpreting (Consecutive Interpreting)

    The interpreter is present at the meeting and listens to the speaker and then repeats it to the listener in their native language to make communication between the speaker and the listener simple and easy. And vice versa. This is the most common form of interpreting. We have a huge database of linguists across the Midlands and across England.

  • Video Interpreting

    Video Interpreting is easy to set up, you can connect to an interpreter via your tablet, PC or laptop. This enables you to have the best of both worlds of face to face interpreting with the convenience of telephone interpreting.

  • Telephone interpreting Services

    We understand that sometimes it may not be possible to get an interpreter to a location. For whatever reason, but the option is there for the interpreter to be on call when you require them. It is a cost effective way of interpreting. They will be on the line interpreting what they hear into the language the native language of the listener and vice versa. It is a quick, convenient and simpler process.

  • Simultaneous/ Conference Interpreting

    At a simultaneous / conference interpreting event, the interpreter has to listen to what is being said and translate this into the target language at the same time. This type of interpreting would be required at large meetings or exhibitions. Conference interpreting can be delivered in a number of ways. There is the whisper technique which requires that the interpreter whispers the translation of what is being said in to the listener’s ear. Alternatively, an interpreter may wear headphones, be located in a booth and deliver the translation to one or a number of delegates.

  • Document Translation

    document translation is the professional translation of one language into another. Professional translators translate documents to and from English into any other language that may be required. We have a turnaround time of 24 hours to translate documents to and from any language. PLSP translate documents no matter how small or large. We translate any legal documents, medical documents, reports, qualifications, marriage certificates, death certificates and company reports.

  • British Sign Language

    British Sign Language (BSL) is a form of sign language that is used in Britain and involves the use of hand movements, gestures, body language and facial expressions to communicate. It is predominantly used by people who are either deaf or have a hearing impairment.

    Our BSL interpreters care about their work and what they do. They will support you and get the write message across whilst working. 

  • Proof Reading

    Proofreading means examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. We are able to proofread any languages from document translation, website translation, signs and any text.

  • Desk Top Publishing

    PLSP use a personal computer or workstation to produce high-quality printed documents. A desktop publishing system allows you to use different typefaces, specify various margins and justifications, and embed illustrations and graphs directly into the text.